Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Freak for Amelia's Magazine

Recently i've been doing some illustration for Amelia's Magazine, the most recent of which is this one, interpreting Illamasqua's new fragrance Freak.

I had an awful lot of fun working on this image, something a bit different from what i normally do. I wanted to reference the existing glamourous advertising images for the fragrance, as well as to try and capture some of the spirit of the Illamasqua brand, as dark and sexy but also playful.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Happy bear

Here is a happy bear, a little sneak at something i'm working on, keeping me amused on a chilly gloomy autumn morning ...

Monday, 8 August 2011

Brand new baby

In very exciting news, my friends Tom and Mimi had a little baby boy in the early hours of Saturday morning, he is 100% gorgeous and i get to be his Fairy Godmother! It's a complete case of awesome, beamish and wow!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

New Designers

Last week i exhibited down at New Designers alongside some of my fellow MA and BA graduates from Glyndwr University.

Photo thanks to Nia Ellis

As a stand we received a lot of positive feedback, with one of the BA students being selected for the creative review pick of ND, while my own work was selected for the Arts Thread blog:

Photo thanks to Nia Ellis

It is a little surreal to emerge from a tiny corner of North Wales and to find that there really are people beyond the college walls and some of them have positive things to say about our work. It was an exciting time for all of us but i am very aware of how much hard work is ahead of me ... i'm looking forward to that.

In other news i spotted one of my lovely friend's work in Paperchase yesterday which was brilliant, work she got from exhibiting at New Designers in 2009, a nicely timed reminder that despite the overwhelming amount of competition, success is possible!

The one in the middle, with the couple holding on to balloons.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

happy birthday wishes

Just a little something to say a slightly belated happy birthday to my mum - well she's been jet setting around all over the place again, so i had to wait till i saw her to pass on her bday greetings in person and now i can share them on here ...

... mmm coffee and cake :-)

Friday, 20 May 2011

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

whales on the brain

Well it's been an age since i posted anything, oops, have been up to my ears and beyond in MA work. Just over a week to go, and so obviously i've spent this evening having a little doodle, thought i would share the results here. Been drawing lots of whales recently, and this is based on one of my favourite Tom Waits songs, about a little bird who falls in love with a whale ...

Friday, 4 March 2011

pencils and patterns

Just a little something i drew last night, to test out my lovely new mechanical pencil, and got a little engrossed in drawing the patterns on my dress :-)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A few pages from my current sketchbook

Whilst trying to work out the structure for my final MA project I got slightly sidelined and a bit overexcited sticking sheets of paper together and created a rather long rough drawing of a fishing village, which seems to work quite nicely as a concertina book. So now pondering how i can go about making this ...

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Captain Bushybeard

Have been looking into the whaling industry of the 19th century, and found the photograph this drawing is based on while trawling through the Scott Polar Research Institute archive. I couldn't resist the awesome beard, so had a go at drawing him, with an attempt at combining the way i draw people when i do portrait work and the way i draw characters from my head.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

This is the most recent piece i've finished for my MA, a short animation based around my idea of woods in fairytales.

The music is 'Red' by Martha Tilston from her 2004 album 'Bimbling'

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

ahoy there!

so i've been thinking it was about time i started getting my work online more regularly than the occasional alteration to my portfolio site, and what better way to arrive than in a crazy horse boat carriage thingum .... which is a little something from my sketchbook, which i really like for some reason, but have not as yet found a place for.