Saturday, 18 August 2012

getting up to speed ...

It has been pointed out to me in the last few days that i am absolutely appalling at keeping this blog up to date, so i thought i should probably post an entry of some of the things i have been working on.

I was very excited this week to finally get my paws on a light box to replace my rather awkward technique of sticking things to the window and hoping the light is strong enough to see through to the drawing paper. So i'm really hoping this will help me with some of the projects i have on the go - such as the hand lettering for my sister's wedding invites.

I've been working on a lot of competition entries, so as soon as i can i'll get some of those images up too.

However i shall share a couple of images i created this week which i'm feeling rather proud of ...

I used to do a fair bit of portrait work, and so i thought i would see if my drawing skills were still up to scratch and use the results as the basis for some experimentation with my colouring techniques. The first is a rather flattering self portrait, in one of my favourite hats which i drew whilst listening to some Camille O'Sullivan and i think the cabaret influence can be seen in this picture. The second is a portrait of my good friend Lisa, who has the most marvellous hair (even if some of it is borrowed).

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