Thursday, 20 November 2014

A quick update, Christmas Cards 2014 and Hastings Illustration Festival


Good gosh it has been a long time since i've posted .... again! I'm much better at updating my illustration page on facebook which can be found here if you're interested in taking a spy. 

I had to move house again this summer, as the landlady sold my flat in Oxford which was rather sad as I loved living there. So, for the time being, I find myself living in Dorset, not quite close enough to the sea but I am surrounded by some interesting places and I've been enjoying taking some long, windy walks up on the chalk downs and around Maiden Castle.

I'm really excited to be taking part in HIFEST - Hastings first Illustration Festival, on the 6th of December in, believe it or not, Hastings! The info can be found on the website :
I'll be there with a stall selling some of my prints and Christmas cards as well as a few other bits and pieces alongside lots of talented and amazing Illustrators. I'm a little overwhelmed by the company I'll be in, it's a fabulous list of 'guests'.

I shall also be putting some new Christmas card designs up in my Etsy shop Sirjessica in the next few days once I've sorted through the delivery I received yesterday and have taken some proper photos. In the meantime here is a not so great one of the order when it arrived:

 Hopefully it won't be another 6 months or so before I post to here again, but for now ....  Toodles x

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